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Three day two night package

Release Time:2019-12-09

Including: two people, one room and two nights in the resort hotel, unlimited golf course playing for three days (green / caddy / car / cabinet), two mornings, two middle schools and two dinners.

Excluding: 1. 100 yuan / field / vehicle, excluding the difference of ball cars; 2. 190 yuan / Room / night, excluding the difference of single room; 60 yuan / Room / night, if living in a big bed; 3. One time of group transfer for four people in a row, excluding airport or high-speed railway station; 4. Pay by yourself if you have tips for caddies; 5. Pay for the expenses not indicated in the itinerary.

Booking instructions: Golden Week price is discussed separately! Please book the package in advance. Once you book it, you can't change the content of the package. The package is only for your own use and can't be replaced.