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Le Mandi Resort

5A Scenic Resort China's top ten most popular resort hotels Won the highest quality "Luban Award" in Chinese architecture

Lemandi Resort is a leisure resort that combines the beauty of Guilin's landscapes, the traditional arts of Guangxi ethnic minorities and the joyful culture of Le Mandi, and the Green Hotel in Guangxi. It can be enjoyed by golf enthusiasts, large-scale employees, customer meetings, vacations, high-quality FITs and tour groups. The service is thoughtful, meticulous and flexible. The purpose is to bring health, joy, unforgettable and high-quality tourism experience to the guests. Experience the perfect combination of art and taste. The Paradise Resort is a fusion of the beauty of Guilin and the Guangxi minority. Traditional Art and Happy Holidays Resort, Guangxi Green Hotel. It can be enjoyed by golf enthusiasts, large-scale employees, customer meetings, vacations, high-quality FITs and tour groups. The service is thoughtful, meticulous and flexible, aiming to bring you a healthy, happy, unforgettable and high-quality travel experience, and experience the perfect combination of art and taste.

The Le Mandi Resort opened on December 25, 2000. On April 18, 2005, Le Mandi Resort Hotel was awarded the title of “China's Top 10 Most Popular Resort Hotels”. The hotel has also hosted large-scale corporate group meetings such as Taiwan Youth Presidents Association, Compaq, Oracle, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, PHILIPS, Siemens, Parkson, Seven-Stage Economic Cooperation, Pepsi, Audi, etc. VIP.

The wooden structure of the zenith of the hotel lobby blends the architectural styles of various ethnic minorities in Guangxi. The entire Zenith decorative frame is made up of six sets of wooden frames, which reproduces the unique and exquisite woodworking skills of Chinese ancient buildings. The floor tiles at the entrance to the lobby are decorated with the unique bronze drums of the Yi people. The pattern is the zodiac pattern. The bell and drum building in the hotel's water yard is 12.9m high. It is built with reference to the Bell and Drum Tower in the Dai area of ​​Guangxi. The whole building is hexagonal and has three floors. The main part is made of wood and has a strong Yi style for guests to climb. Looking far and small.

Room Introduction

The hotel has a total of 371 rooms, including 308 standard rooms, 17 second rooms, 4 suites, 4 rooms, 16 building blocks, 2 executive suites, 1 president suite and 23 big bed rooms. The abundance of room types offers a variety of accommodation options for business, home travel, golfers and large conference groups. The decoration of the room is different. The walls are surrounded by bamboo mats woven with crepe. There are several wooden sticks around the room. The wooden sticks and wooden sticks are connected by wooden sticks. A silver badge on a Zhuang girl, the whole room is full of rich ethnic customs. The hotel's various types of rooms have their own characteristics: among them, the building is built on the floor, the attic is the living room, and the downstairs is the reception room. It is specially designed for the two-person world or newlyweds. It is divided into two types: the east and the western. The bathtub in the bathroom is multi-sex. The Executive Suite and Presidential Suite are located on the sixth floor of the hotel. The interior facilities are luxurious, uniquely decorated and fully VIP service. In addition, every room in the hotel can enjoy different rural natural scenery, the night of the hotel can give you unlimited silence, let you completely relax and sleep here.

In order to take care of the disabled, in addition to the disabled rooms on the second floor and the special toilets for men and women with disabilities on the first floor cafe, the guest elevator is more convenient for the disabled to go to each room on the 6th floor and the catering meeting. Facilities and business centers, information centers, main entrances and group entrances also have small ramps for people with disabilities.

Hotel Package
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Conference Room

It is a nine divisible and connected conference room, with beautiful, quiet and comfortable environment, complete conference facilities and flexible furnishings, which can accommodate 10 to 100 people each type of conference.

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Cuihu Cafe

The simple and elegant coffee shop is located in the south side of 1F Hall of the hotel, providing you with exquisite food with European, American and Southeast Asian flavor. Breakfast buffet will provide you with a wide range of Chinese and Western

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Guiyuexuan Chine

In the 2F Chinese restaurant of the resort hotel, which is full of old Shanghai atmosphere, the super chef will skillfully make all kinds of famous flavor points, Linghu beer fish, Baiguo duck soup, yuntunchuan chicken, and other cuisines of Northern

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Big bird show

Disco, bar and show are built in. The dazzling lights set off the brilliant stage, the dynamic and hot singing and dancing show shows unlimited passion, exotic style, fragrant and charming temptation, let you feel the full vitality coming from your f

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Tianhan barbecue

The Tianhan barbecue restaurant on the south side of 1F of the resort is characterized by its unique northern Guangxi Cultural and technological style, bold and heroic barbecue, and unique open kitchen. Will let you feel the passion of Guangxi ethnic

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Philharmonic Hal

KTV luxury box is equipped with top-level sound, elegant karaoke hall with flickering candlelight and charming singing. Tonight, you will be the brightest star in the world!

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Longfeng health

You will be completely relieved of the fatigue of work or travel. Sauna, flower bath, essential oil spa, Chinese medicine foot bath, health massage The new generation of health care concept has been perfectly interpreted. It is only for you to recove

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Mineral spring

Tec Spa: at the end of December 2012, the hotel introduced equipment from Taiwan, and introduced baisong spring from Yangmingshan of Taiwan in advance. The spring quality has been tested by international SGS, and the calcium, sodium, chloride and sul

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Smoke wave bar

Located in the lobby on the first floor of the hotel, it provides all kinds of wine, drinks and snacks. Through the window, the morning dew and evening bell are heard in the piano sound, surrounded by green waves. It is the best choice for business n

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VIP Hall

The VIP Hall is located on the second floor of the hotel. It is an independent space. The environment is quiet, private and undisturbed. The supporting facilities are complete. The layout is elegant and unique. All the configurations are based on anc

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Fenghua Hall

To meet the needs of the guests with exquisite skills, let you welcome the new day with a new face.

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Multifunction Ro

The magnificent multi-functional hall covers an area of 438 square meters and can accommodate 300 to 500 people. It is equipped with sound amplification system, projector, electric screen, CD / DVD and other equipment. It can be used as a large confe

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Shopping street

Ginkgo biloba from Xingan, the hometown of Ginkgo biloba, and wild mushrooms from Maoershan, the first peak in South China, will let you fully appreciate the essence of Xingan's local specialties; some luxurious silk clothing from Suzhou and Hangzhou

The hotel's dining facilities include three main restaurants: cafe, Chinese restaurant and grill restaurant.

  • Conference Room
  • Cuihu Cafe
  • Guiyuexuan Chine
  • Big bird show
  • Tianhan barbecue
  • Philharmonic Hal
  • Longfeng health
  • Mineral spring
  • Smoke wave bar
  • VIP Hall
  • Fenghua Hall
  • Multifunction Ro
  • Shopping street