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Big bird show

Disco, bar and show are built in. The dazzling lights set off the brilliant stage, the dynamic and hot singing and dancing show shows unlimited passion, exotic style, fragrant and charming temptation, let you feel the full vitality coming from your face.

Philharmonic Hall

KTV luxury box is equipped with top-class sound, elegant karaoke hall with candlelight swaying, charming songs are intoxicating, and you will be the most embarrassing star tonight!

Longfeng Health Museum

You will completely remove the exhaustion of your work or journey. Sauna, flower bath, essential oil SPA, Chinese medicine bath foot, health massage... The new generation of health concept is perfectly interpreted, all for the purpose of restoring the sun-like vitality, soothing the whole body and beautifying the soul.

Mineral Spa (TEC SPA)

At the end of December 2012, the hotel introduced equipment from Taiwan, and introduced baisong spring from Yangmingshan, Taiwan in advance. According to the international SGS test, the spring contains calcium, sodium, chloride ion and sulfate ion which fully meet the hot spring standard. In addition to beautifying the skin and moistening the face, baisongquan is also effective in relieving the symptoms of chronic arthritis, muscle ache, chronic skin disease, vascular sclerosis and rheumatism.

Fenghua Hall

To meet the needs of the guests with exquisite skills, let you welcome the new day with a new face.


You can enjoy Wii games, tennis, billiards, table tennis, chess, mahjong and other rich fitness and leisure projects as well as our free fitness equipment in the space of leisure and vacation, and enjoy your sweat and energy.

Shopping street

Ginkgo biloba from Xingan, the hometown of Ginkgo biloba, and wild mushrooms from Maoershan, the first peak in South China, will let you fully appreciate the essence of Xingan's local specialties; some luxurious silk clothing from Suzhou and Hangzhou, the proud "Silk hometown" of China's textile history; a unique wine shop, which will make the vast and profound five thousand year history and culture of China the most splendid one Wonderful flower

swimming pool

The East Garden of the resort has a large open-air garden pool and children's pool (open only in summer)

Skating rink

Lemandi indoor skating rink is separated from the one door of the mineral hot spring, with spacious space and bright colors. With dozens of silver and white chandeliers on the black roof, it looks like the starry night sky, blue sky and ground, quiet and full of reverie. Through the large glass window on one side, the green outside the window complements the indoor color. Mosaic tile floor, let skating more free flying pleasure.


The concierge department of the resort provides the rental service of double bicycles, mountain bikes and single bicycles for the hotel guests.