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company culture
Our business philosophy: even true and sincere, seeking perfection.
Our quality goals: Become a truly outstanding holiday destination in China.
Our corporate culture: High standards, attention to detail, respect for the system, and immediate action.
Our corporate mission: The value of the service is to provide all visitors with an unforgettable memory.
Gold Service Trilogy: 1. Warmly greet each guest;
2. Expect and meet the needs of the guests as much as possible;
3. Say goodbye to the guests kindly.
Our Four Principles of Service: Passionate, considerate, respectful, and tolerant.
The theme park quality policy: It is based on the principles of safety, friendliness, performance and cleanliness to create a happy atmosphere for tourists and create a paradise for tourists.
The theme park's environmental policy: In order to protect the global environment and resources, full participation, education, and compliance with environmental laws and regulations, we will further strengthen resources and energy in all areas of the enterprise. And the reduction of waste and pollution prevention, in order to achieve continuous improvement of the environment, become an advocate and practitioner of green civilization.