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Linghu Inn Pirate takeaway Folk Takeaway Hamburg store Port Restaurant
Linghu Inn, a building full of rich ancient characteristics, can rest in the restaurant of Linghu inn while having fun. It is mainly used to receive groups and individual guests to have meals and gather the delicacies from north and south of China: Cantonese gold medal burning wax, stewed soup, special hot pot exquisite flavor snacks, North and south special pastries, desserts, beer drinks and famous Chinese tea for you to enjoy.
Selling desert sand barbecue: roast quail, roast chicken leg / wing, squid, assorted cold dishes, all kinds of drinks and fast-food boxed rice.
Gather north and South flavor snacks: Stewed sugar water, sweet wine dumplings, nourishing stewed soup, various pastries, etc.
The hamburger restaurant must be the most joyful gathering place for teenagers. It's the wild hamburger in the west of the United States, the attractive fried chicken wings, golden chips, and all kinds of surprise meals. These authentic American fast food makes people feel deeply that they have arrived in the western town of the United States, and so on. Come and taste it!
The largest fast-food restaurant in the theme park selects Chinese food, which is consumed in the form of self-service set meal. Many main courses and side dishes are optional, with beautiful stewed soup and rice, and one fresh fruit dish and one drink are provided. At the same time, exquisite cold dishes, platters, honey roasted chicken legs / wings and various cold drinks are provided. Vegetarian reception is specially prepared. While enjoying delicious food, you can enjoy bungee jumping.