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. The Detonator

Thunder Thunder:Thunderbolt is a beautiful scenic spot in the western part of the United States. It can take 16 tourists at a time, up to 30 meters. When you sit in your seat, the huge pulling force will lift you up to 30 meters in an instant. It seems that the huge heat wave when the thunderbolt explodes will lift you up to the sky. Before you can react, it will fall vertically from the sky at the speed of wind and lightning. The experience of extreme weightlessness will make you feel the thrill and stimulation of jumping back and forth in the sky in the scream. (the height of the players should be more than 140cm).

轰天雷 OK.jpg
. Rafting

Whitewater rafting: take a kayak to swim in the Grand Canyon of Colorado. On the way, you will experience the whirlpool of whirlwind, the dangerous rocks that are about to fall, the sneak attack of buckets and ladles. The cool water curtain will spread behind you, and the scream of the earth will come with you. It's a thrill. (the height of players should be limited to more than 120cm.)

park_pic4.jpg 激流泛舟371-371.jpg park_pic6.jpg
. Hollywood special effects show
The whole performance of Hollywood film and television stunt show is based on the gun fight between the police and bandits. It uses techniques such as actual combat, fierce gun fight, on-site blasting, high-altitude stunts, etc. to let people come to the scene of large films and enjoy the wonderful and shocking.
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