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When you come to the entrance of the park, you may as well stop your steps and come in for a visit. Kodak store, which gathers sun hat, toys, batteries, cigarettes and other convenient commodities, can make sufficient preparations for your play. In hot summer, all kinds of drinks and ice cream are indispensable!
Lemandi pink  house, pink limit, from the wall, ceiling, doors and windows, to dolls, snacks, trinkets and other commodities, and even the dress of the staff, all things are tender pink, even the light-emitting trees outside the house are pink, everywhere pink, to meet all the dreams of being the queen who loves her most.
Located in the city of China, Yaqu jingshe store is the exclusive store of Polka brand bag. Polka bag is the perfect combination of Guangxi national traditional elements and fashion elements. The Zhuang brocade elements show the national style, and the fashionable style meets the needs of various types of talents. "Natural stone zipper handle" is a unique idea that polka brand has applied for patent. Each stone in the bag is collected and selected from the Lijiang River in Guilin. Each stone is natural and unique, with the clear greetings of Lijiang River.
We have all kinds of lovers' pillows, clothes and accessories. In addition to feeling the thrill and excitement of the park, you may as well come here to choose a few sets of exquisite couple goods to give to your other half.
It mainly sells American pioneer cowboy's dressing, cigars, wine utensils and ornaments. Here, you will feel the noble identity. Meanwhile, Indian handmade products (feather ornaments, handmade leather goods and sculptures) let you personally experience the rich cultural flavor of coming to America and Indian tribes.
Under the revolving windmill, the buildings with unique fairy tales and forest shapes, and the counters with gorgeous colors are full of exquisite cartoon toys. In the fairy house, you can imagine that you can squeeze all kinds of cartoon products you see in the cartoon into your arms. This is not only a paradise for children, but also for adults to smell the smell of childhood, which seems to take you to a fairy tale palace in the forest and recall your past The dream of childhood.
Decorate all kinds of ocean patterns, hang shells and wind bells on the Internet, sell all kinds of pearls, tortoiseshell, coral, perforated shells and beach clothes, let you breathe the fresh and humid ocean atmosphere that pirates are familiar with.