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LeManDi——XinAn daycation

Release date:2019-11-07

1. highlights of the itinerary: 2-10 people, fun family members hi pigo
2. Schedule: 8:00 from Guilin, (about 90 minutes)9:30 tourist attractions: Guilin happy land theme park (about 5 hours)
3. Tourist attractions: Guilin Lemandi theme park at 9:30 (about 5 hours) 10:00 tourist area: happy land theme park bid farewell to the busy work, put down the heavy pressure of learning, from the noisy city to the quiet town, happy land theme park entrance of the baby is the place to punch.
10:20 tourist area: Happy China City (30 minutes)
The ancient Chinese city is not only displayed in various buildings, but also various small commodities, beautiful and fun wind fire wheels and carousels, a string of Taiwan snacks on the left hand, a bag of fish food on the right hand, a few grains on the pool side, watching the fish swimming in a synchronized way, laughing with the children. When the heat is unbearable, you can go to the ice and snow Museum and make snowmen.
10:50 tour item: dream world (1 hour and 10 minutes)
Dream base that big kids and little kids like. Dudu small train, jumping fountains, bumper cars, the latest and hottest high-altitude flight, every place is the element of children's painting, a shot is an international blockbuster. At this point, it can be locked at 11:30, sitting in the joy theater with a capacity of 1000 people to watch the magical journey.
12:10, 30 minutes for AA lunch (hamburger restaurant and Linghu Inn Restaurant are set in the park)
12:40 Tour: Pirate Village (30 minutes)
Maybe you have been to romantic Turkey, Tokyo and Paris, but you may not have been to the Caribbean, come here, I will take you, you and the money, we will go to see the happy Caribbean coast architecture.
13:20 Tour: Europe (30 minutes)
The most beautiful scenery camera can't show. The pleasure of speed needs your experience. The D-type drift recommended by little sister wanghong is worth trying.
13:50 Tour: Mandala Garden (1 hour and 10 minutes)
Walking through the unique style of the wind and rain bridge corridor of Dong family, a breeze from Linghu Lake blows. Occasionally, you can see the egret flying low, and accidentally walk into the secret base of Camellia. Enjoy hundreds of acres of Camellia across the ancient road of lingsong, eight wonders let you linger.
At 15:00, you can arrange to pick seasonal fruits (grapes, strawberries, mulberries, etc. according to the season) in Lingqu, Shuijie, sanmi post station, Qinjia yard or wharf villa
17:10 return to Guilin