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Happy land -- Xing'an -- Red Tour (2 days and 1 night)

Release date:2019-11-07

First day

Arrive in Xing'an, Guilin

Xing'an, the birthplace of Lijiang River, 60 kilometers north of Guilin City, is the source of Hunan Lijiang River. More than 2000 years ago, the first emperor of Qin built Lingqu to connect the Pearl River and the Yangtze River. In 1934, the victory of the long march of the Red Army on the Xiangjiang River once again rewrites the history of China. It is reputed as Tulufan in the South because of its rich grapes, and as a national five-a scenic spot of dynamic, joyful, leisure and health preservation, Guilin is full of happiness The resort world leads the modern leisure life style, feels the charm of ancient and modern intersection together with tourists, shuttles in time and space together, and feels the different charm of the ancient city.

To the memorial tablet garden for the Red Army's long march in Xing'an County

Xiangjiang battle Martyrs Memorial Park, located at No. 56 Shuangyong Road, Xing'an County, was constructed in 1993, completed at the end of 1995, and officially opened to the outside world in early 1996. The park covers an area of more than 180 mu, and its main Memorial facilities include large-scale martyr group sculpture of Xiangjiang campaign, memorial of breakthrough Xiangjiang, Memorial Hall of Xiangjiang campaign martyrs, famous corridor of Xiangjiang campaign martyrs, sculpture of Red Army martyrs of Xiangjiang campaign of Fujian nationality, Memorial Hall of Xiangjiang campaign, qingshiyuan, shuangyonglin, etc.

Lunch at 12:00

14:00 after lunch, you Lingqu

View the world irrigation project heritage, sigh the historical miracle of water [Xing'an Lingqu] hotel 10 minutes drive to Lingqu, tour time about 1.5 hours

Located in Xing'an County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, it was chiseled and navigable in 214 BC. Lingqu, one of the oldest canals in the world, connects the Haiyang River in the east of Xing'an County (the source of Xiangjiang River, flowing from south to North) and the daxong River in the west of Xing'an County (the source of Lijiang River, flowing from north to South). It is known as the "Pearl of ancient water conservancy buildings in the world"

Tour [Xing'an Water Street] hotel 10 minutes drive to Water Street, tour time about 1.5 hours

Located in the center of the county, it is an ancient Qingshiban Road, a long water street across the city, a child playing in the water beside the canal, Qinwen Liuchu scenic spot, Niangniang bridge, Wanli Bridge, Maxi bridge, ancient stage, Jinzhong street, Huguang guild hall, Water Street Pavilion, gallery, 100m sculpture corridor, Sanjiang tomb, ancient stone carving group, folk custom area. You can slow down and enjoy the unique history of more than 2000 years Taste.

18:00 to happy land holiday world in Guilin

18:30 dinner time

Covering an area of more than 6000 mu, Guilin Lemandi holiday world is one of the first batch of 5A level scenic spots in China. It is composed of five-level scenic spots integrating the beauty of Guilin landscape, Guangxi minority art and happy culture, Guilin Lemandi Holiday Hotel, a large amusement park integrating fashion, profusion, romance, movement, stimulation and joy, and Guilin landscape theme park built in ten years Grand view, challenge to the top 10 most glorious golf clubs in Asia.

WiFi free for staying in the hotel

There are 371 guest rooms in Lemandi, one of the top ten most popular resort hotels in China. The roof of the hall with wooden frame and tenon reproduces the unique and exquisite woodworking skills of ancient Chinese architecture. The 12.9-meter-high Dong's bell and Drum Tower, the floor tiles decorated with bronze drums, the bamboo mat woven with strips in the room and the silver breastplate made by Zhuang girls make the whole room full of rich ethnic customs. A quiet and natural environment makes people sleep well all night.

Soak in the hot spring of Lemandi water technology mine

Lemandi water science and technology mine hot spring, produced by the Taiwan Science and technology team, is an indoor baisong spring in Yangming Mountain of Taiwan, an outdoor open-air hot spring with Southeast Asian style, and a newly added powder crystal spring. At night, in the warm mist with the fragrance of natural flowers and plants, it not only beauties the skin and moisten the face, but also releases the body and mind from different angles.

Food [Lemandi guiyuexuan Chinese Restaurant & Tianhan barbecue & Cuihu coffee shop]

[Cuihu coffee shop] simple and elegant coffee shop provides you with exquisite food with European, American and Southeast Asian flavor, a full range of Chinese and Western food points, lunch and dinner.

[guiyuexuan Chinese restaurant] it has a strong atmosphere of old Shanghai. The super chefs skillfully make all kinds of famous flavor spots and delicious food in northern Guangxi, such as Linghu beer fish, Baiguo old duck soup, yuntunchuan native chicken, etc., which can fully appreciate the local food culture of Chaozhou, Guangdong, Hunan and Guangxi.

[Tianhan barbecue restaurant] with its unique northern Guangxi Culture and craftsmanship, bold and bold barbecue and unique open kitchen, you will feel the passion of Guangxi ethnic minorities and local characteristics.

Enjoy life

Le Mans resort offers you a free gym.

Table tennis, table tennis, Wii games and children's fun at one's own expense, massage and bath feet in Longfeng health center, hi KTV singing in Philharmonic Hall to relax physical fatigue,

The second day

With green leaves and flowers, enjoy the Chinese and western buffet breakfast in the sunshine in the happy green lake cafe, healthy and pleasant mood, starting in the morning.

Check out after meal. The bellman in the lobby will check your luggage for free.

Play the theme park and enjoy the park

Le man Di theme park is a large-scale playground integrating fashion, movement, stimulation and joy. There are seven distinct theme areas in the park. There is the first indoor real ice and snow amusement hall in South China, which brings the northern scenery with flying snow and ice; 50 meter bungee jumping and 180 degree pirate ship screaming; mascot skin baby and mischievous jumping fountain make you happy and laugh; gorgeous happy theater dance, wild South Pacific grass skirt and Western Cowboy real-life gun battle make you have endless afterthoughts In the park, you are invited to dance on the tip of your tongue.

I'm tired of playing. Let's go to the Mantuoluo garden in the happy land